"I now can describe the many layers of how I tick"

Brain-Based Coaching

Brain Health Coach Framework for Results

The coaching conversation combines brain healthy practices with the psychological aspects of development to pinpoint the strategies, tools, and routines needed to create clarity and results for your life.

In your design and wiring, you'll discover your underlying strengths, inspirations, and energies to assist you in leading, making decisions, and navigating your career.

A Space for Profound Self-Awareness

and Inspired Action

Discover how your design and wiring can transform your leadership and career with brain-based coaching.

Ditch the DIY Approach

There's no shortage of information out there, but sifting through it all can be overwhelming. Why waste your time and energy trying to piece together the puzzle on your own?

International Coaching Federation credentialed coach with a neuroscience-based approach, honed through over 20 years of high-tech corporate experience.

Inspirational Guidance: I am gifted to naturally inspire clients that support their best thinking and guide them toward their goals.

Clarity Creator: I excel at making sense of complex
situations, offering you insights and actionable solutions that fit your work
and life.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities: I am skilled at identifying and transforming challenges into growth opportunities, helping you reframe and overcome obstacles.

Practical Routines: I am a coach who empowers you with tools and discussions that establish routines, and rituals, to help you thrive.

Resilience: My ability to thrive in novel situations supports you in handling insecurities and uncertainty with confidence and alignment.

Eureka Moments: I am gifted at harnessing your ah-ha moments to co-create strategies that not only work for you but may also foster positive change in your wider world.

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What To Expect

Initial Discovery Call

Overview my brain-based coaching approach tailored to your unique needs and goals.

We explore if working together is a good fit for us.

Session #1-is all about Sticky Goal Setting   

We start by creating your primary "sticky" goal that is simple and easy to retrieve from your memory.

It's slightly beyond your comfort providing the right balance of challenge and effort.


Session #2, #3 and #4

Coaching conversations where we “dance” with new insights to formulate the best paths forward. It factors in your brain type, tools, and resources to help facilitate lasting shifts and personal growth.


“In the first session, Daneen pinpointed what I was after & crafted powerful questions for me. I gained three specific “aha!” insights from the first hour! Then she put in time to collaborate with Amen Clinic, so she could translate the clinical language for me, & coach me into utilizing that science in an absolutely life-changing way. After just three sessions, I have a sense of relief from being heard, the clarity I was after, and an ally in my pursuit of brain health. Highly recommend!” - Kay C.

Interested in a Discovery Call?

“I came to Daneen overwhelmed and uncertain of my next steps. She helped me clarify my goals, silence the negative self-talk,

and take meaningful action toward creating the life I want.

As a bonus, I looked forward to our meetings

she's like a best friend, therapist, and brain expert all rolled into one."

- Shannon