Who is Daneen West?

"Businesswoman, Mother of 3, Brain Health Pioneer and Coach" 


For the past 20 years I have worked for a Fortune 50 company; the world’s leader in information technology, computer networking, voice communications and cybersecurity. I am known as a pioneer and provider in helping customers achieve outcomes and leading award winning development programs.


"It's a high stress industry where women are perpetually on the verge of burnout."

Throughout this time...

I started a family that has led me down the path of discovering how to successfully treat behavior, sensory and learning challenges.

I learned Anxiety, Asperger’s, Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADD/ADHD are diagnosed based on only symptoms.

I discovered the majority of doctors trained in traditional medical schools do not address the cause of symptoms and are unable to answer the question, why?

My professional experience in information technology taught me to be curious, continuously learn, problem-solve, and how to thrive in uncertainty.


  My growth mindset knew that answers and healing would be discovered with finding the root cause.  I have spent countless hours researching the latest studies and thousands of dollars on specialists, therapies, and treatments all to figure out it’s a brain-healthy lifestyle that cures and makes for a successful life.  I am now devoted to sharing information, resources, and strategies to help others discover their best-self.


I’m professionally more resilient, energized, and mentally sharp than decades earlier. And as a family we no longer meet the criteria for the diagnoses, therapies, and medications once recommended.  The very best part, we live a happier, calmer life

I am an advocate for brain health and a certified coach through the world renowned Amen Clinics and NeuroLeadership Institute based on the ICF core competencies. Through my Brain Boost 101 digital course and 1:1 Coaching, I can help you discover how to heal, protect and grow your brain to become the very best version of yourself.

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"I firmly believe that the professional and personal struggles we face and see our way through becomes a forever resource.  Everyday I charge ahead, encouraging you to take the brain health journey with me."