Inspiring Better Brains

As an individual with an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential, I am recognized as a highly skilled professional in the field of coaching. This credential signifies my commitment to the coaching profession and demonstrates my adherence to the highest standards of practice and ethical conduct.


My journey as an ICF credential holder involved rigorous
training and education in various coaching methodologies, tools, and techniques. This comprehensive training has honed my skills in facilitating personal and professional growth in others. I excel in using effective questioning, active listening, and engaging in powerful coaching conversations to handle a diverse range of coaching scenarios, from individual personal development to corporate leadership and team dynamics.


My expertise in coaching is further amplified by incorporating neuroscience-based methods, specifically the NeuroLeadership Institute's Brain-Based Coaching and the clinical Brain Health Coach certification from Amen Clinics. These methodologies integrate the principles of neuroscience into the coaching process, offering a more profound comprehension of how brain function impacts emotions, outcomes, personal growth, and mental wellness. This integration of brain science enriches the coaching experience, providing a more holistic and effective approach to achieving desired results.


Drawing from over two decades of experience in sales, global talent development, and customer success at Cisco Systems, I have developed a deep understanding of resilience and innovation, essential for pioneering in the ever-evolving field of Internet technology and learning.

• Brandon Hall, Gold Award, Sales/ Marketing Excellence

• ASTD, Excellence in Practice Citation (Talent Development)

• Learning Leader Award, Bersin Associates

• IES&BD Excellence in Sales Innovation

• Best of We Awards; Sales Acceleration, Customer Obsessed and Extraordinary Together

My tenure at Cisco, a company celebrated for its commitment to excellence and innovation, and recognized as Fortune's #1 Best Company to Work for three consecutive years, has granted me with a unique insight into the intricacies and challenges of effective leadership. This rich background not only enhances my coaching approach but also ensures that I bring a seasoned, real-world perspective to every coaching engagement.