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Elevate Your Mental Fitness

May 29, 20231 min read

Unlock the Power of the Brain Through Sports and Mindful Activities

My first-grade teacher failed me. The only reason I advanced to second grade was because my parents promise to teach me to read over the summer. I was already the oldest and tallest in the class so that too had a lot to do with it.

I heard everything like Charlie Brown heard his teacher in the "Peanuts" comic strip. Never an understandable word, but I could tell you every bulletin board change, the color of every girl’s barrette, and who was had the nifty curly cue shoe laces.

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When I started playing sports in 5th grade and my brain woke up. I went from barely getting by to high honors within a year.

Research Backing Brain Benefits & Activity

Extensive scientific research has revealed fascinating insights into the connection between brain development and challenges with focus, behavior, academics, and socialization. Below are the best activities that can be enjoyed at any age and have a low chances of head injuries.

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Many of these activities, from racquetball, tennis, and pickleball to swimming, dancing, yoga, and strength training, offer various brain-based benefits supported by scientific research.

From improved brain function and cognition to enhanced mental health to protection against neurodegenerative diseases. When we engage in these activities we contribute to our overall brain health and mental well-being.

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