Feeling Blah? You Are Not alone

Aug 03, 2021

Let's get real.

Brain health is not yet a mainstream topic, but you are ahead of the curve.

You know brain health supports your peak performance and success in all aspects of your life.

Without good brain-healthy habits, we suffer from real mainstream symptoms of anxiety, worry, distractability, and languish; the dominant emotions of 2021 are described as feeling somewhat joyless and aimless.  

The symptoms of languishing are common. Clients speak of having trouble concentrating, feeling blah, not interested in getting outside for a walk, and spending too much time watching reruns of the Hallmark channel to zone out. I suspect that if one charts Netflix usage and the population's feelings of languishing, we would see a 2021 trend closely resembling each other. 

You are not alone if you know what's good for you (sleep, exercise, meditation) but can't seem to actually muster up the will to get it done.

You may eat relatively well, but you know you should be doing more.

Something you must do is prioritize sleep. (Do you feel like this tired woman in the photo below?)

Fluid washes over the brain to clean the toxic build-up from the day. This detox happens and only during sleep, not while you are awake. This is a very remarkable discovery that has recently been researched! The brain is very active while you sleep, primarily cleansing itself.

When you don't sleep, even one less hour of sleep than what you need, the overflow of mental garbage significantly impacts your psychological and physical health.

Getting 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep can boost your motivation, concentration, and memory while decreasing anxiety and worry. Some of you need 6.5 hours and others 9 hours to feel that refreshed feeling upon waking. 

Get natural sleep; it's the most productive and healing time of your day and the bedrock of good brain health.   

Take Good Care,


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