From Frazzled to Focus

Jun 22, 2021

Sometimes it's hard for the brain to focus and get things done. Students of mine often share statements like these:

  • I have too little concentration to get tasks completed. 
  • My biggest frustration is focus.
  • “I'm feeling so scattered.
  • Brain feels like it's in a fog all the time.


My attention was all over the place as a kid, and as a result, my grades suered. It wasn't until I started playing basketball a few times a week that I started seeing a difference in the upward progression of my studies. Cardio was a great activity for me, boosting my Pre-Frontal Cortex, the brain's mainframe for focus. Today, I hack that mainframe by rst exercising, always a must before an important task or presentation. It calms and focuses the mind, providing confidence and assurance.


How about jumping jacks before breakfast, anyone? Did you know it only takes 20 minutes of exercise to significantly boost your sleep quality, which adds, in turn, to the quality of your focus. The flip side of good quality sleep has significant implications, for example. Losing or missing just one hour of sleep than recommended has a substantial impact on your overall mental health. You can never get back the sleep you've lost; the only remedy in the future is to get good quality sleep, eat healthily and exercise.

Another good example to boost focus and energy is green tea. It's a good energy boost with half the caeine of coee while the l-theanine in it keeps you focused. My go-to is decaf green tea in the afternoon to support the end-of-day push to nish my to-dos and avoid distractibility. 

There is no one silver bullet or magic focus pill for everyone, but I hope these brain-healthy tips mentioned help you to gain better focus.


Take Good Care,

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