Brain Health Is Not Mainstream

Jul 29, 2021

Let's get real. Brain health is not yet a mainstream topic, but you are ahead of the curve if you're here reading this blog. You know brain health supports your peak performance and success in all aspects of your life. Without good brain-healthy habits, we suer from mainstream symptoms like anxiety, worry, distractibility, and languish, the dominant emotions of 2021. You are not alone if you know what's good for you (sleep, exercise, meditation), but you can't seem to find the time to get it done. You may eat relatively well, but you know you should be eating better and snacking less. Here are some priorities you need to consider when establishing good sleep habits. Or hygiene. At the top of that priority list is sleep. (Do you feel like this tired woman in the photo below?)

Sleep is one of the most critical ways to keep your brain healthy because it's the only mechanism our body has to detox and repair the brain. Getting 7+ hours a night of uninterrupted sleep can boost your motivation, concentration, and memory while decreasing anxiety and worry. In the end, you will find the stresses of the day are not that stressful, and energy comes naturally. Let’s focus more on sound, restful sleep. 


Take good care!


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