Bring your afternoons to life with hacked focus

Oct 04, 2021

I now work from home permanently. It's easy for me to be so locked in and focused that I don't get up for hours, especially before lunch.

I can go for hours creating, producing, and attending virtual meetings, and I fill in any time gaps with email, phone calls, and the numerous to-dos that come with supporting clients. I have gotten to the point that if a phone call is not scheduled, I find the ring intrusive and a bit startling.  

 Some would call this intense focus; flow. Professionals may even label it over-focused ADD. It works for me and makes me productive, but it's terrible for my health.

 I often think of a popular Time article about sitting being the new smoking. As a young professional, I would smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, so hopefully, I'm not doomed from both ends. 🤣

 My trouble is in the afternoon. After lunch, my mindset is different. After lunch, I become a focus seeker and hack my environment to get back in a productive state of mind. 

  • Yoga; 10 minutes of downwards dogs and stretches wakes up the brain.
  • Move outside for 20 minutes to reduce any blood sugar spikes that might be crashing in an hour.
  • Move also to boost your BDNF; the brain-derived neurotrophic factor is a protein that supercharges your brain. And although the body naturally produces BDNF, it declines as you age, so you can hack it by adding medicinal mushrooms known for their focus-inducing properties; Lion's Mane + Cordyceps. 
    • If it's before noon, I add the mushroom powder to a hot cocoa-like beverage. Here is a photo of my ingredients
    • If it's the afternoon, I have a decaf green-tea for its focus properties called l-theanine 

  • Meditation also increased BDNF. It's a simple practice that a few minutes here or there works.
  • Getting outside for sunlight increases your get-up and go hormone cortisol and suppresses your sleepy melatonin hormone. Hormones are messages both within the brain and between the brain and your body.

On the ideal, day I eat a high protein, low sugar lunch and then go outside for a 20-minute before having my decaf green tea. 

Things will get in the way, but when I make it happen, it rejuvenates my afternoon. It's a 30-minute investment that gives me at least a 2X return and it feels like nothing and been missed or lost. 

Take good care of yourself,


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