Brain Boost 101 Course

Do you know what heals, protects and grows your brain?

Are You Tired of...


✖️ Rollercoaster moods that make you wonder if you are living with a mild case of anxiety or depression?  

✖️ Struggling with food cravings or addictions that leave you feeling guilty about your willpower?

✖️ Energy crashes or feeling run down making caffeine your best friend?

✖️ Saying or doing things without thinking resulting in regret or damaged relationships? 

✖️ Not having answers to what may be causing someone you love to not act “right”?

I’m Ready to Feel Better

What is the Brain Boost 101?

Brain Boost 101 is a 2-hour online course to help you quickly discover the latest brain research and practical strategies to start becoming the best version of yourself.

“You know the shortcuts. I have come to rely on you to find the quick and easy way to feel better fast.”

- Lauren - 

Imagine If...

✔️ You knew HOW to help yourself and those you love 

✔️ You had CLARITY to where to put your time and effort 

✔️ You had HOPE for results that last a lifetime

This is what I need!

About Daneen

I have eliminated symptoms of what the doctors diagnosed as Anxiety, Asbergers, ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Depression.  I took the long route in finding the path out for my family but you don’t have to.  By applying my discoveries through trial, error and research, you can begin to feel better tomorrow. 

This is for You if...

My attention bounces all over the place, and I am always multitasking and not being present. 

My thoughts time travel, spending a lot of mental energy replaying the past and stressing about the future.

I want to stay asleep longer and feel refreshed when I wake up without the alarm.

Tell me more!

What You’ll Discover

1.  Exactly what is brain health and how it affects EVERYTHING (the brain is way more than your IQ).

2.  Top Experts and Research you were likely not told about in School.

3.  Your Brain’s Hardware and Software; we all have a brain but how we damage and wear it out is different. 

4.  5 Signs of a Brain in Trouble; Mental and physical symptoms of concern including a spotlight on focus, sleep and anxiety.

5. You are Not Stuck with the Brain You Have, The power of spect scans, neuroplasticity and practical neuroscience.

6.  Discover science-backed foods, supplements and habits for better Brain and Body Health.

7.  The Power of Tiny Habits, how to make small practical additions to your existing routine that create big results in how you feel, think and act.

8.  Gain control and clarity to impact generations of you.

Course Details Here

Brain Boost 101


Will give you the understanding of how brain-healthy habits have positive ripple effects for generations.

Brain Boost 101 Digital Course


What's included

  • 2 hours of learning that you control and take at your own pace
  • Easy to implement how-to videos backed by research
  • Focusing boost that you can use anywhere and anytime you need to focus
  • Worksheets that trigger new insights to support your best life
  • Assessments to track your symptoms and progress 
  • Access to your Brain Health Coach portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone



1:1 Coaching & Brain Boost 101 Course


What's included

  • Four 60 minute 1:1 live online sessions with Daneen
  • A coach to talk to about your needs, concerns and goals
  • The creation of a goal that really inspires you every time you read it
  • Proven coaching strategies to unlock your best thinking
  • Brain based strategies to help you stay on track and get results
  • Encouragement every step of the way
  • Brain Boost 101 Course

You still can't decide? Let me help you!

  • Research has found the brain is changing every moment of our lives and it’s never too late to heal and grow it.  
  • Genetics is only one factor and is NOT your brain’s destiny.
  • No medical diagnosis needed; we all have a brain and can experience massive results!
  • Investing in yourself creates new possibilities for the future.

Are You Ready to gain clarity, confidence and RELIEF ?

I'm ready!

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“You have a lovely ability to create a safe and supportive environment and build trust and rapport quickly. I felt safe in your hands.” - Kendra

“Daneen is a thought leader in brain health. Fueled by her passion for helping others, and years of brain science research, she is my go-to for advice and counsel on healthy habits for reducing stress and anxiety in today’s often chaotic environment. She has helped me prescriptively focus on activities that will help me reach my goals (which I did in 3 months).” - Sarah